Quay Pharma is recognised as being a world leader in formulation development and dosage form optimisation for a wide range of product types, including those that have poor solubility or bioavailability.

This is underpinned with unrivalled knowledge and expertise in the formulation development of pharmaceutical products that are designed for a modified or targeted release within the body.

Quay Pharma offers a professional and comprehensive selection of supporting technologies with all prototype formulations undergoing extensive screening and stability evaluation in a non-GMP environment.

Once Quay Pharma understands a client dosage requirement, our experts can next prepare a formulation development strategy designed to bring it rapidly and effectively to First in Man (FIM) studies and on towards clinical use.

These newly developed live biotherapeutic formulations are specifically designed to match a clients’ particular requirement.

Quay Pharma provide formulations that allow the live bacteria to transit through the body to the optimum site for delivery through the use of matrix systems, pH resistant/controlled formulations.

Controlled handling to stop cross contamination between bacterial strains allows Quay Pharma to work with single strains or consortia populations.

Significantly, they are provided royalty-free so there is no commitment or limiting factor on any future drug development.

Quay Pharma’s work in this complex arena is carried out on a purely fee-for-service basis, the primary aim is to always provide the best formulation development, in turn, offering the best chance of clinical success.

A large suite of formulation development services is offered by Quay Pharma, which includes:

Live Biotherapeutics Oral Dosage Forms:

  • Immediate release and controlled release tablets  
  • Multilayer tablets 
  • Immediate release capsules  
  • Oral multi particulates such as beads, pellets, and mini-tablets
  • Liquid and semi-solid filled capsules
  • Fast dispersible tablets
  • Coating of tablets, capsules, and pellets
  • Micro-encapsulation using spray drying
  • Oral liquids and suspensions

Other Formulation Development Dosage Forms include:

  • Liquids and semi-solids for topical delivery, such as creams, ointments, lotions, and gels
  • Buccal delivery
  • Nasal sprays
  • Pessaries
  • Suppositories
  • Dental products

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