For more than 15 years, Quay Pharma has provided formulation development and clinical manufacturing services to the global pharmaceutical and biotech industries and has worked on over 200 projects.

We are known for our scientific creativity and innovation in development as well as our flexibility and pragmatism for managing projects towards clinical trial, helping our customers overcome many scientific and technical challenges along the way. It is this leading approach that took us in to the live biotherapeutic space four years ago and means that Quay Pharma is the global leader in offering outsourced, formulation development and clinical manufacture of dosage forms containing live bacterial strains. 

Our commitment in this field is on-going as we complete new GMP suites dedicated to taking live biotherapeutic products in to larger scale Phase II and III trials to be able to deliver new groundbreaking microbiome based medicines together with our customers. 

Maireadh Pedersen 
Chief Executive Officer